Make Your Law Firm’s New Year’s Resolutions Now

Trust Accounting

It’s that time of year that we all take stock of our lives and make plans to improve ourselves. It’s also a good time to take a look at your legal practice with the same mindset. We are going list a few of the most common personal New Year’s resolutions and show how you can apply them to your practice by using CosmoLex law practice management software.

Get Organized – CosmoLex’s task lists are linked to the matters they represent so you can stay on top of your cases. The team calendar makes it easy to delegate tasks and coordinate the actions of everyone on your team. Actions are funneled into the billing workflow so you can ensure that every task is added to client invoices. The billing system is integrated into the trust management system so you can track dozens or even hundreds of trust accounts within a single IOLTA account.

Improve Finances – We all want to make more money and when you run your own business you have more control over that than you might think. Billing software for attorneys streamlines the billing and collection process. You produce comprehensive billing on clean and uncluttered invoices. You get a 360-degree view of your law firm’s financial position, seeing at a glance what matters are unbilled, unpaid or late. Mass billing or late payment notifications are a click away, giving you more time to put in billable hours. CosmoLex helps you improve income and cut expenses to greatly boost profits.

Lose Weight – Cut the fat out of your law firm’s budget by streamlining your operations. A low subscription fee gets you access to cloud software hosted in a professionally managed datacenter so you don’t need expensive IT consultants to set up your systems. Easy to use financial features mean less dependence on outside bookkeepers and accountants. Your practice will be lean and fit in no time.

Reduce Stress – A more organized, more profitable and more efficient practice leads to a more relaxed professional life. You have the time to focus on personal matters as well as the money to provide for yourself and your family. Not even a state audit can ruffle you, since CosmoLex’s integrated audit log ensures you can provide documentation to satisfy even the pickiest inspector.

What are your professional New Year’s resolutions and how can CosmoLex legal software help you meet those goals?


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