Legal Billing And Accounting Software Tips: Setting Up Your Timekeepers

Timekeepers are the core of the CosmoLex billing system. Anyone in your office who could incur a fee or expense — attorneys, paralegals, researchers, bookkeepers, etc. — should be entered here so all charges associated with a matter can easily be entered into the time and billing software. Entering New Timekeepers

  • Click the Setup button along the top of the screen, and then click on the Timekeeper tab to see your list of timekeepers. If you’ve just started using CosmoLex there will be nobody listed here.
  • Click Add to bring up a dialog to enter the timekeeper’s information.
  • You must enter the timekeeper’s name and select a title from the dropdown. The legal practice management software will automatically fill in the person’s initials based on the name, though you can change this if you need to differentiate between, say, John Smith and Jane Savage. You can also enter the timekeeper’s email address if desired.
  • You can enter up to eight billing rates, since a single timekeeper might have different rates depending on the work being done. Click the corresponding button to indicate the timekeeper’s default rate, which must not be $0.00. The default rate will automatically be used on a matter unless one of the other rates is chosen.
  • Click Save and you are done.

Editing Timekeepers You can change a timekeeper’s information at any point. Select a timekeeper and then on the Edit button on the Timekeeper screen. Note that the Edit button will be grayed out and unselectable until you select a timekeeper off the list. Edit as desired and then click Save to confirm the changes, or Cancel to discard them.

Unneeded timekeepers can be deleted by selecting the Delete button, but CosmoLex attorney time and billing software will not let you delete a timekeeper who is associated with an expense. In this case you need to click the Edit button and click the Inactive box on the timekeeper dialog. This will prevent this timekeeper from being used in other matters but retain the paper trail for auditing and reconciliation.

CosmoLex legal management software is intuitive and easy to use. It takes less than a minute to set up a timekeeper who can then be used to create matter billing records for easy invoice generation. Keep an eye on this blog for future posts about how to use CosmoLex’s features.

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