Lawyers and Law Firms to Follow on Social Media

Lawyers and law firms get a bad rap for a lot of things. Being behind the curve on social media is one of them. 

To be fair, it can be hard to reconcile the trendy, here-one-minute-gone-the-next viral social world with the more methodical, buttoned-up world of law. Compliance is an issue. Client privilege is paramount. Reputation means everything. 

But just because these challenges exist doesn’t mean that some lawyers aren’t finding creative ways to use social media. Let’s look at some of the lawyers and law firms that are building relationships, resources, and their brands online.


White & Case LLP

Solid branding, relevant topics, and a clear voice on their company culture. These are three excellent reasons to look at White & Case as a top-shelf Facebook account for lawyers. 

The firm pulls heavily from video content, a smart move considering how effective video is for engagement. However, what’s more important is how well they use that along with other content types to address timely issues – COVID-19, racial inequality, and more.

The Sam Bernstein Law Firm

The Sam Bernstein Law Firm’s Facebook page is approachable. There’s no pretense or heavy-handed branding. Right away, their goal is clear: provide useful information and connect their audience with the firm’s team.

One thing this account does really well is getting to the point quickly. Their posts keep the copy short and sweet and blessedly free of jargon. While this page focuses more on curated content than video, it does a great job of mixing up content types for variety. 

American Bar Association

Yes, we know the ABA isn’t a law firm. But it’s a good account to look to for a number of reasons. First, it demonstrates the value of knowing your audience. It promotes its services and resources strategically, pushing blog content and events while still sharing from outside the organization. Their content mix works really well.

The ABA’s Facebook page also demonstrates how to use social media conventions like hashtags and emojis in a way that enhances the user experience while staying on-brand. For example, using the camera emoji to help cite a source of a photograph provides a valuable shortcut, not overloading the reader with text while allowing them to follow best copyright practices.


Allen & Overy

You’ll see Allen & Overy mentioned on lots of law firm social media lists and for good reason. They’re consistently active and relevant. What we like best about their Twitter feed is they make takeaways really easy through their use of branded graphics. Combining the well-chosen quotes with images of team members, these bite-sized content are perfect for the platform.

David Lat

Lawyer, writer, thought leader, and founder of AboveTheLaw, David Lat is one of those social media voices that should be mentioned in a list of lawyers on Twitter. He’s prolific – as the platform demands – and timely. 

While his role as a thought leader leads to a more opinion-forward voice than some firms might take, he’s a great model for firms wanting to position themselves similarly.

Baker McKenzie

If you’re not already immersed in the Twitterverse, this platform can feel hard to master sometimes. But really, all it takes is finding the right angle for you. For Baker McKenzie, their Twitter account functions very effectively as a press room, sharing content about their activities, services, and team members. 


DLA Piper

Solo lawyers may have an easier time in some ways with IG because of the personal nature of the platform. However, some larger firms have been really successful in leveraging this platform to humanize their offices. DLA Piper frequently makes the list of IG lawyer heavy hitters, and for good reason. 

Their account strikes the right balance between informative, topical, and personal. The content feels authentic, not overly curated, which is no small feat for a firm with a large scope. 


This NY-based lawyer’s Insta immediately catches your eye for what it’s not: colorful. All her posts are in black and white, but this only serves to make her content-rich account easy to navigate. CRVLaw is chock full of actionable resources, relevant information, and just enough personal posts to connect you to the person behind the account. 

Shaheen Z. Wallace, Esq.

Shaheen Z. Wallace is based in NYC and works in personal injury law. That’s a large crowd to stand out in. His IG helps him do that with a well-executed use of video and IGTV. Talking directly to his followers helps a client-centered approach shine through. 

Also engaging? He uses his platform to demystify aspects of the legal profession for new lawyers. 


Morgan, Lewis & Bockius LLP

Your website is great, but it can be hard to get people to make the jump from your social accounts. Morgan, Lewis & Bockius uses LinkedIn to bridge that gap, making their services and resources easy to understand. They include a Life section that clearly articulates their workplace culture and their feed highlights relevant ways they can serve their audience. 

Jones Day

LinkedIn is all about your industry and Jones Day embraces that. They don’t shy away from getting nerdy (in the best way), doing deeper dives into issues affecting their clients. Jones Day also offers an engaging mix of content, from videos to curated content to promotional pieces. 

Claire E. Parsons

On the other end of the spectrum, Claire E. Parsons shows how you can use a professional platform effectively while still acknowledging that you have a personal life. (What?!) She talks candidly about the intersection of her work and family in a way that makes you want to sit down for a cup of coffee with her. If this wasn’t enough, Parsons also models LinkedIn best practices, actively commenting and sharing others content. 

As these lawyers and law firms show, there’s no one right way to do social media. By knowing your audience, your goals, and yourself (and your brand), you can make a big impact even in a crowded digital world. 

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