Are Law Schools Teaching The Technology Skills Attorneys Need?

Legal education has to walk a fine line. On the one hand, law school teaching is based on generations of tradition. On the other hand, schools have to prepare lawyers to try today’s cases, not cases from last century. Although many aspects of law practice are fundamentally the same as they were a generation ago, one aspect has taken law schools by surprise: technology such as law practice management software.

Resistance To Change

Twenty or even ten years ago, law firms used only a limited about of technology. Even something as simple as email was resisted by many attorneys long after it was in general use by both consumers and businesses. Part of the reason is that attorneys were concerned whether they could protect client information. Even now, no competent lawyer would send sensitive information through an insecure medium such as email.

However especially over the last ten years, business technology has gone through an unprecedented evolution. Technologies such as tablet computers, smartphones and cloud-based law firm management software has already started to fundamentally change how law is practiced in this country, but law schools have been slow to catch up.

Outdate Curricula?

Law schools traditionally have focused on the law rather than running a law firm. New attorneys graduate having no idea how to run a law office, and usually have to spend a few years in a large law firm before being ready to head out on their own. As of now only a handful of law schools teach even basic practice management techniques, and even fewer specifically address the kinds of technology lawyers will need to use as part of their legal careers.

Not only is technology ubiquitous in today’s law firms but the American Bar Association has even stated that attorneys are obligated to learn the technology needed to serve their clients effectively. Law schools must start teaching the basics of not just how to use technology but how to evaluate it both in terms of effectiveness and security.

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