iPads In Court — The Changing Face Of American Law Practice

The March/April 2014 issue of Law Practice Magazine had an interesting article entitled, “I Submit My iPad as Exhibit A…”The authors interviewed two lawyers who regularly use iPads in court as part of their practices. The article focused on iPads specifically but much of the information applies to general cloud-based technology, including CosmoLex law firm management software.

Technology In The Courtroom

The two attorneys discussed how the iPad has consolidated their practices by putting everything in one place. It allowed them to organize their documents better than paper files could, as well as giving them access to everything they needed during a case. They both said the flexibility and mobility offered greatly enhanced their ability to represent their clients and win cases.

The article brought up a couple of good points that we hadn’t thought about regarding cloud technology. One attorney mentioned that cloud access not only gave her access to her files in court but allowed her to look things up while walking between courts. Every extra minute you can work on a case instead of doing nothing is time gained. Both attorneys said that, although their iPads have never been disallowed, they are careful to inform judges about the devices before the actions begin, which seems like a prudent idea.

What About CosmoLex?

The article was about the hardware but it also discussed the software used, ranging from Skype to talk to clients, to GoodReader to view PDFs, to DropBox to store files in the cloud. They didn’t specifically discuss legal time and billing software but it is easy to see how the advantages laid out in the article would apply to CosmoLex as well.

Imagine being able to update a client’s billing as you leave court, documenting hours or expenses as they are incurred. You have a few minutes while you are waiting to meet with the judge? Send out some invoices or do your monthly reconciliation. Know that your vital financial records are safely stored in the cloud and backed up regularly so your hard work won’t be lost.

And yet you aren’t tied to your tablet. Your information can also be accessed from any computer in your office, by outside parties such as bookkeepers who you give access, or even from your smartphone.

CosmoLex legal billing software is like having a very inexpensive and yet highly capable bookkeeping office assistant. Sign up now!

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