Feature Spotlight: Custom Soft Cost Import


Soft Costs refer to overhead or indirect costs which are billed to the client for reimbursement. Common examples are photocopies, printing, a postage meter, or other disbursements. Not only are these costs incurred through an outside device, but often firms use specific software to keep track of these costs as well (ex: Copitrak, Papercut). The question that’s presented here is this: how do we ensure this information gets from your, for example, printing software, to CosmoLex for billing? That is where the custom soft cost import feature comes into play.

Custom Import Definitions

Knowing there are so many tools and software that firms use to track these activities, instead of integrating with one specifically, we developed a tool for creating your own custom import format, so that regardless of which tool you use, your soft costs can be imported. 

You can learn more about setting up your own custom import definitions by checking out our Knowledge Base article.

This is a one-time setup and you can create as many unique import definitions as needed. 


Importing Routine Soft Costs

Once your import definition is created, you can import spreadsheets of soft costs as often as you would like. Instructions to do so are here.

If you are worried about too many entries displaying on your invoices, don’t be; when adding the cost under Setup > List Items, you can specify if it should be allowed to be grouped automatically on the invoice. 

If you have any questions or need further assistance with our soft cost import function, you can reach out to our support team at 732-595-9015 (US), 365-804-0050 (CAN), or support@cosmolex.com.


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