Feature Spotlight: Client Portal

With much of our information now in digital form, law firms are looking for more convenient ways to share information with their clients. While email tends to be a common channel, it is not a secure one. A client portal is a digital gateway between a business and their client where they can share documents and other information securely.

Most client portals are encrypted and provide a specific invite to the user who creates a unique login. The type of information can vary based on the tool you are using. Documents are among the most common forms of information shared through portals.

CosmoLex includes a free client portal with its subscription. Once enabled on the firm level, you can pick and choose which matters should be invited to their very own portal. You can then choose which types of information can be shared. Options include documents, invoices, events, tasks, notes, and even chat messages. Within those, you pick and choose which items are shared, such as documents or events. A helpful icon next to the item displays which have been shared with the client, and can be unshared if needed.

The client portal not only provides a secure environment to share confidential information, but also an added convenience to your clients. You can add a ‘login’ button right to your website for clients to access their portal easily. In addition to being notified when you have shared an item with them, they can complete some actions as well, including pay invoices online through our LawPay integration, upload documents straight to you, or send a chat message if permitted.  


To learn more about setting up and using the CosmoLex client portal, visit CosmoLex Support.


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