Enhance Security With New User Management Controls

The most exciting feature of CosmoLex version 1.6 is the new user permission feature. With these finely-grained permissions you can set strict limits on user capabilities to protect sensitive client information without interfering with anyone’s ability to work with the law firm management software. You can find the permission settings under the User Management tab.


The first thing you need to do is create roles in your practice. CosmoLex comes with several predefined roles that will cover most common needs but you can easily add more to reflect your practice’s specific needs. Each role has nearly 40 specific permissions that can be enabled or disabled. For example the predefined “Billing Only” has full permissions with invoices and time/expense cards, but can only view (and not change) matter management information, and can’t even see bank information, contact lists or other irrelevant information.


New users are automatically assigned the Normal role when created but can be changed to other roles as needed. Individual users can also be restricted in the following ways:

  • Matter Owner – User can access only matters belonging to certain attorneys. You could use this to give an attorney’s support staff access to his cases but no one else’s.
  • Timekeeper – User can access only time/expense cards incurred by specific timekeepers.
  • Unbilled Time/Expense Cards – User can access only unbilled transactions, a setting useful for billing clerks.
  • Own Activity Only – User will be unable to view anyone else’s activities even if other permissions would normally allow it.


Give Access Without Compromising Security

Nearly everyone in the firm should work under some kind of restriction. There is simply no reason to give most users full access to your legal time and billing software. Even a solo practice finds permissions useful when giving access to an outside bookkeeper, tax professional or auditor. Customized roles allow, for example, an auditor user to view the books without being able to change anything.

Permissions not only protect sensitive information but can also help users work more efficiently. No longer do users have to page through irrelevant information to get to the matters they need.

Keeping information safe is not only a good idea but is required by bar associations. CosmoLex billing software for lawyers makes it easy to give anyone in your practice enough access to do the job but not enough to get into trouble. Contact us to find out other ways that CosmoLex helps your practice stay in compliance with bar association regulations.

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