Demystifying Modern Practice Management


Law firms use countless types of technology to help support them and their clients, but the term “modern practice management” can cause some confusion. What does that phrase even mean? In an age where firms have increasingly more varied options when it comes to practice management tools, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the choices are and how their benefits and challenges can affect the firm and its success. 

Staying Competitive

In an industry known for waiting to see how technology is received in other areas before using it, it’s taken some time for the adoption of the cloud and other relatively new innovations to take hold. However, now that more and more firms are using technology to improve their practices, it’s essential to take advantage of the same programs in order to maintain a competitive edge. Customer demands are constantly increasing, and firms need to turn to the right tools in order to keep up with rising requirements while still having time to focus on legal work. 

Technology Options for Law Firms

With the introduction of the cloud, there now exists a number of options for law firms to choose from in order to run their practice management. Choosing the right one requires knowledge of the various types and how they can help or hinder your firm. 


This on-site hardware and server is the traditional law firm setup; but while familiar, it presents issues such as lack of mobility, high costs, and outdated software. 

Hosted Cloud

Using on-site hardware and requiring you to log in to a virtual desktop that’s hosted off-site, firms gain the benefit of third-party management but still experience many of the same issues associated with on-premises setups. 

Hybrid Cloud

Combining on-premises and cloud tools, this concept is often pitched as a way to ease into the cloud but can require device-specific usage and significant maintenance. 

Native Cloud

The most mobile and feature-rich option, this choice lets users work from anywhere, anytime, on any device while providing regular updates and enhancements. 

Become Efficient

User-friendly programs, designed to have an easily understandable interface, are all part of modern practice management. Clunky, difficult to use technology that experiences frequent issues or bugs can have a serious effect on your firm. Well designed tools make it easy for your staff to accomplish what they need to when they need to, keeping your cases moving forward and your clients happy.

To benefit from modern practice management is to become more efficient by using technology to create automations, workflows, and processes that help the entire firm. With the correct support systems in place, firms can reduce their daily workload of recurring administrative tasks and devote more time to client-centric and legal-specific duties. Understanding modern practice management and then applying will result in a better run practice that gives you a competitive edge and helps you use technology to grow your firm. 

To get in-depth information on the different technology options available to law firms, including their unique benefits and challenges, as well as a clearer understanding of what modern practice management involves, check out the full guide.


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