Cloud is Here and It’s in the Mainstream


The majority of lawyers don’t think of themselves as business owners, but for solo and small firm lawyers that’s exactly what they are. But building a successful law firm goes beyond quality legal work. The skillset needed to truly be of service to clients, build a solid reputation and run a sustainable practice all comes down to technology – which Rick Kabra, President of CosmoLex, has devoted nearly 15 years to bringing to life to help lawyers in firms of all sizes.

In a recent podcast episode of The Lawtrepreneur Briefing, “Cloud Is Here and It’s in the Mainstream,” Rick talks with host Romesh Hettiarachchi about why creating technology for law firms is very different from creating technology for other businesses, the three things lawyers should consider when integrating a practice management solution into their practices, and why an understanding of how to use technology practically, effectively and in compliance with your legal obligations is critical to building a modern legal practice. 

Over the years, Rick has taken the challenges faced by every business combined with the professional obligations of the legal industry to create technology that systematically solves problems for lawyers. No matter what size a firm is, there are still ethical and compliance requirements they face. For solo and small firms, this burden can be especially difficult to take on while tackling all of the other tasks involved with running a profitable law firm and providing top-level legal work. 

For Rick, it all comes down to one thing: simplifying the practice of law.

To do this, Rick has looked at the ways to achieve business success in other verticals by creating processes that can be replicated the same way every time. While you can’t guarantee the outcome of cases, your approach to tasks like client and case intake, document management and follow-up can be turned into processes. With a technology tool that makes it more efficient to handle these tasks while providing security and integrated accounting and billing, lawyers can focus on billable work and less on administrative tasks – all while cultivating a repeatable, positive client experience. 

There has been a significant shift in the practice of law in the last decade, with legal clients finding lawyers in brand new ways, expecting different response times and researching their own legal matters. As many challenges as this change in the marketplace has presented, it’s always provided a way for lawyers to make their lives easier. The tens of thousands of lawyers who moved to the cloud in recent years have gained the protection of backups and disaster recovery, mobile access, and reduced storage costs. For the price of a coffee every day, small law firms can now use technology to be as efficient as their larger competitors – something that wasn’t possible before the launch of the cloud. 

Want to learn more about the cloud, how it’s affecting lawyers and what you can do to take advantage of the changing technology landscape? Listen to the full podcast: Cloud Is Here and It’s In the Mainstream


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