Is Cloud Attorney Practice Management Software Safe?

Probably the single most common concern new CosmoLex customers have is security. After all, the internet is a public network. How secure is it to store sensitive attorney time and billing software records out in the cloud? As it turns out, your information is almost certainly safer with us than it is in your own office.

Bank-Grade Encryption – One way for someone to steal your information online is to eavesdrop on your communications. It’s kind of like reading your mail rather than breaking into your file cabinet. All CosmoLex transactions are encrypted using 128-bit SSL, the same security used by major banks and credit cards. Symantec, one of the leading digital security firms, has calculated it would require over a trillion years for one person to break a 128-bit encrypted session.

Latest Security Patches – When is the last time you installed all the security patches on your computer? Even with automatic updates you can go a month or longer with serious security holes in your system. CosmoLex legal practice software is stored on professionally managed, SAS 70 compliant datacenters that are regularly updated to protect against the latest security vulnerabilities.

U.S.-Based Servers – One danger with cloud based software is that you may not know which country is storing your data. This is important because security and privacy regulations we take for granted here are not the same in other nations. We store your information only on datacenters in the U.S. so you know you are protected by our federal laws.

Regular Backups – Too many of us don’t get around to making backups of our law firm management software. Disasters happen to other people, right? Then there is a fire, a theft or a hard drive failure and suddenly all your client information is gone. Not only are you far less likely to suffer data loss in our managed datacenters, but information is archived offsite daily so you know your records are safe.

Don’t Take Our Word For It – We think our system is secure, but to be sure we contracted Castle Ventures to run their own independent security check.

We are happy to answer any questions you might have about CosmoLex time and billing software for lawyers. Contact us and find out more about CosmoLex.

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