CosmoLex Announces Major Update To Streamline & Secure Law Firm Communications

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New Client Portal Headlines The Latest CosmoLex Update


NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – August 23, 2016 – CosmoLex, a leading cloud-based legal practice management, billing, and accounting software, today announced major updates to their offering featuring a new secure client portal. The client portal will streamline and secure external and internal communications for law firms and their clients.


Law firms everywhere are beginning to move their software solutions into the cloud. Through the CosmoLex Client Portal, law firms will be able to securely exchange invoices, documents, messages and case updates with clients, while also limiting case information access to the appropriate parties. In addition to these external client communication features, this update will also provide secure internal messaging and a commenting system that allows law firm members to communicate on various aspects of a case.


“Clients in the 21st century expect law firms to be able to conveniently communicate across digital platforms,” said Rick Kabra, CosmoLex CEO. “This latest update allows our clients to do just that while keeping organization and security of the sensitive information being passed between client and attorney on top of mind.”


The update will include a long list of new features and enhancements including but not limited to:

  • Secure messaging through the client portal
  • Internal messaging among CosmoLex users
  • Native document storage
  • A streamlined navigation for adding and tracking time, expenses, events, and tasks
  • The ability to track time on multiple matters at once
  • Finalization and locking of approved invoices to prevent accidental edits
  • Email reminders can be set for important tasks
  • A commenting system that allows user notes on events, tasks, and documents to be contained inside the CosmoLex system.


“With this latest update, we have given our users the ability to manage all aspects of their firms’ operations in one system.” Said Kabra. “Whether it is practice management, billing, accounting, and now client communications – we are committed to our passion of empowering small law firms to use technology to their greatest advantage.”


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