CosmoLex Announces New Release Highlighted By Office 365 Integration

New CosmoLex release promises to increase the productivity of users who also utilize Office 365.

NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ – November 2, 2016 – CosmoLex, a leading cloud-based, law practice management software provider, has announced their most recent product release and the enhancements associated with it.

A new integration with the Office 365 suite of solutions is highlighted in this latest release.

“As is the case with all of our product releases and enhancements, our latest release was made to help our client firms access the best and brightest technology inside of a single practice management solution,” said Rick Kabra, CEO of CosmoLex. “Lawyers everywhere are beginning to turn to Office 365 to increase their ability to work on the run, and CosmoLex wants to help them get the most out of this system.”

CosmoLex v4.4 will feature an Office 365 integration which allows CosmoLex users, who subscribe to Office 365, synchronization between their Outlook and CosmoLex calendars. This sync will ensure that events scheduled or adjusted in one system will be reflected in the other.

In addition to calendar synchronization, CosmoLex v4.4 will allow all OneDrive for Business documents to be accessed, edited, and saved through CosmoLex. This will allow CosmoLex users to work inside of OneDrive documents on devices that do not have a local version of Office products installed on the device. “This Office 365 integration is the next step in creating a legal technology ecosystem that is second to none,” said Kabra.

The Office 365 integration is the focal point of CosmoLex v4.4 but this latest release will also increase productivity and organization for CosmoLex users with other new features. Additional features of the release include:

  • Document Versioning – Release 4.4 will allow firms to view history and restore documents to prior versions inside of CosmoLex.
  • Document Categorization – All documents can be tagged, using a fully customizable list of categories.
  • Document Search – Documents can be searched for by the metadata attached to them.
  • Daily Digest Emails – Release 4.4 allows firms to send a daily summarization of CosmoLex client portal activity to all CosmoLex users and clients.

In addition to the features listed above, multiple bug fixes have been included in release 4.4.

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