CosmoLex Announces Launch of Exclusive Matter-Based Email for Lawyers at ABA TECHSHOW

New “Matter Circles” technology automatically files all email with client matters.


NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ- March 15, 2016 – CosmoLex, a leading cloud-based, law practice management software provider, will showcase its “Matter Circles” system at the ABA Techshow this week with the launch of a unique, universal integration for matter-based email that lets lawyers manage all their email from within the CosmoLex Cloud practice management environment.


CosmoLex Cloud, a leading provider of innovative new tools for 21st Century lawyering, has just added automatic email integration to its practice management “Matter Circles” menu. Matter Circles represent a unique approach CosmoLex uses to keep every aspect of each matter together in one place: documents, workflow, billing, costs, payments, trust transactions, meetings — and now, even copies of matter-related emails.


This elegant integration works with any email provider, by auto-forwarding a copy of the incoming & outgoing emails to a law firm’s CosmoLex account. “Like everything we do at CosmoLex, our primary goal is to keep everything simple for the user,” says Dr. Rick Kabra, CEO. “Because CosmoLex is Cloud-based, there’s no need for any of our customers to change the email provider — or providers — that they are already using be it Outlook or Gmail or Yahoo. And we built our integration such that CosmoLex also handles the attachments as well, which are often more important than the email itself.”


CosmoLex “Matter Circles” automatically keep lawyers on top of every matter every day — providing instantaneous access to any detail. “And that makes all the difference in the world when lawyers need to provide a detailed compliance paper trail for a regulator, or airtight transaction tracking for accurate billing and accounting, or quick answers to an urgent client question,” continues Dr. Kabra.


Reduces Leakage — Today’s lawyers spend significant hours not only reading emails & attachments but also responding and performing the necessary follow-up. In the past, much of this time was forgotten and lost to leakage. CosmoLex lawyers can now book this time to the emails within the Matter Circle interface, building a better bottom line case-by-case and for the practice as a whole.


Attendees to ABA Techshow 2016 will be able to test drive the universal email integration at the CosmoLex booth (#410 – #412). Matter Circles with full email integration is just the latest step on the road CosmoLex is taking towards building a comprehensive, Cloud-based “ecosystem” for law firms of any size. (At last year’s Techshow, CosmoLex introduced integrated back office accounting.) With innovative features like these built into the practice management, CosmoLex gives law firms a total solution to run their entire practice with a single log-in

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