CosmoLex Announces A Re-imagined Interface & New Enterprise-Grade Features in CosmoLex 5.0

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CosmoLex 5.0 to feature an entirely new user experience and a long list of new features driven by users.


MONMOUTH JUNCTION, NJ – December 19, 2017 –  CosmoLex, a leading provider of cloud-based legal practice management software, has announced the release of CosmoLex 5.0. CosmoLex 5.0 is being billed as the largest release in 2017 for the legal software. The newest version introduces users to an entirely new user experience as well as a host of new features that elevate the application to new levels of functionality.


“With our relentless focus on providing a hugely differentiated product that integrates billing, accounting and practice management, thousands of small law firms have adopted CosmoLex,” said CosmoLex CEO, Rick Kabra. “…and with that, comes a huge wealth of ideas and suggestions. This release is a culmination of those ideas.”


In an effort to improve data analytics and deep data mining capabilities, CosmoLex 5.0 introduces custom search and reporting options that enables each law firm to extract the unique information that it requires to be successful. CosmoLex 5.0 users have the ability to define and report on their own custom fields, as well as use these fields to construct merge fields for document templates. These new features will greatly enhance the speed in which users operate on a day-to-day basis and improve their ability to analyze valuable business intelligence related to their firm’s clients and practice areas.


“We understand that every law firm is different. They practice different areas of law, have different types of clients, and need to track different types of information. We wanted our software to cater to each firm no matter how they choose to organize and report on their data,” said Kabra.


Another productivity-centered feature in CosmoLex 5.0 is the system’s new document templating and assembly ability. Users are now able to download a database of merge fields from CosmoLex and utilize common Microsoft Word functions to create professional-looking templates which can then be stored in a central template library within CosmoLex.


In addition to these new features, CosmoLex 5.0 brings users a reimagined, intuitive design that simplifies navigation and provides more real estate to view content. Among other improvements, even the smallest of details such as dialog boxes and pop-ups, have been re-touched to enhance the field of view and make better use of the content area. Usability in Cosmolex 5.0 is enhanced even greater with the addition of a powerful new, system-wide search tool. Overall, these improvements will drastically reduce the time and number of clicks that it takes for any CosmoLex user to navigate the program.


“A notable change in the marketplace is the increasing number of mid-size law firms that are now moving to cloud-based applications and leaving their legacy software behind. CosmoLex is the #1 choice for them because of its integrated accounting approach. However, these firms require enterprise-grade sophistication normally not demanded by solo and small firms. This release is designed to address this important segment of CosmoLex customers,” said Kabra.


All questions and inquiries related to the CosmoLex 5.0 release can be directed to Joshua Goldberg at .

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