CosmoLex Announces Version 3.3 Featuring Bank Imports & Automated Reconciliation

Latest CosmoLex software release features new bank and credit card import functionality to automate the monthly reconciliation process.


NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ- November 24th, 2015 – CosmoLex, a leading cloud-based, law practice management software provider, has announced the release of version 3.3 of their industry-leading practice management software.


The release is highlighted by new functionality that will allow users to import both bank statements and credit card statements into the CosmoLex practice management system. This new functionality will help CosmoLex customers in three ways.


  • New customers migrating to the CosmoLex Practice Management System will be able to import their historical financial data by simply importing their prior bank statements.
  • Monthly Credit card statements will be easily loaded into CosmoLex by the click of the button, reducing the manual recording of transactions.
  • Finally, in what may be the most impressive enhancement, version 3.3 will automate the month ending bank reconciliation process.


“While we have built our software with fully integrated legal accounting, the system has lacked the ability to interact with our customers’ bank,” said Rick Kabra, CEO of CosmoLex. “Version 3.3 was developed with this in mind and we have put a great deal of importance on our customer’s ability to easily import bank statements and close this gap in functionality.”


This new functionality will increase the ease with which CosmoLex users are able to integrate their existing systems and financial data with the CosmoLex Practice Management System.


“By giving our customers the ability to easily import monthly statements, we have also automated the monthly reconciliation of their bank accounts,” said Kabra. “Instead of an arduous manual process, we have now simplified reconciliation down to a single click.”


The software update will be available to all CosmoLex Subscription customers.


Law firms are invited to try the new release for themselves by registering for a Free Trial.

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