CosmoLex Announces CosmoLex Accounting Partner Program

CosmoLex looks to facilitate a cohesive relationship between client firms and accounting service providers.


NORTH BRUNSWICK, NJ- March 4, 2016– CosmoLex, a leading cloud-based, law practice management software provider, has announced the launch of the CosmoLex Accounting Partner (CAP) Program.


The CAP Program will look to build upon CosmoLex’s already successful Cosmolex Certified Consultant (CCC) program by providing free “Client Access Accounts” to accountants and bookkeepers working with law firms who utilize CosmoLex.


“We hope to deliver a greater service to our client law firms, and the accounting professionals that serve them by providing additional account access free of charge.” said Rick Kabra, CEO of CosmoLex. “By introducing more accounting professionals to our best in class legal accounting solutions we hope to expand upon the number of law firms we are able to assist through our Cosmolex Accounting Partner Program.”


The CAP Program will create many advantages for CosmoLex’s client firms. This new program will allow CosmoLex client’s accounting service providers to easily access any report or accounting data they need to do their job – anytime, anywhere.


In addition to easy access to accounting data, accountants and bookkeepers will also be able to access and utilize the full set of legal billing & accounting tools that are already built into the CosmoLex Practice Management System.


The CosmoLex Accounting Partner Program and free Client Access Accounts will only be available to CosmoLex partners. Accountants and bookkeepers who are interested in becoming a CosmoLex Accounting Partner can get more information at, or by contacting the CosmoLex Channel Partner Manager at

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