New Release of CosmoLex Law Office Software Adds Comprehensive Practice Overview

Dashboard Feature Gives Attorneys Eagle-Eye View of Practice Management


NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. – February 10th, 2015 – Today CosmoLex released version 2.4 of their popular law practice management software. This update adds several new features including a Dashboard that gives users a one-screen overview of all critical practice management features, making it easy to gauge the health of the law firm and spot problems.


The Dashboard summarizes key areas of the practice and presents them in an easy to understand format. This helps attorneys avoid the tunnel vision that can occur as they focus on certain areas of their practices such as late payments, but lose sight of other areas like missed billing for completed events. Law offices using CosmoLex can see all crucial metrics on one screen to get the big picture, and then locate specific areas that need attention.


Each section of the Dashboard gives an overview of one key area of the practice, such as billing or productivity. The most innovative capability of the Dashboard is the Money Finder. The Money Finder helps law firms improve cash flow by locating overlooked sources of income such as billable tasks & events which are marked completed but not yet been added to an invoice. These items are easy to overlook when using other practice management systems but CosmoLex Money Finder brings these to the forefront.


In addition to showing the state of the entire firm, users can see their individual statistics on a separate Dashboard page. Access to the Dashboard can be controlled from CosmoLex’s fine-grained User Management panel so that only authorized personnel in the firm can see these critical metrics.


“We asked our clients what additional capabilities they wanted from CosmoLex practice management software and the Dashboard is the result,” says company CEO Rick Kabra. “Client-driven innovation has been the cornerstone of CosmoLex’s development philosophy.”


Version 2.4 of CosmoLex includes many other features in addition to the Dashboard. The document management system introduced in version 2.3 has been expanded and now integrates seamlessly with cloud storage services Box and Dropbox. Interface changes make it easier to post operating expenses to matters, another feature that protects against cash flow leaks.


Since CosmoLex is hosted in the cloud, attorneys can use the Dashboard to manage their law firms from anywhere with an internet connection, not just from the office. This flexibility allows attorneys to run their practices on their own terms. All CosmoLex subscribers will be presented with the new version as soon as they log into the cloud-based service.

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