Feature Spotlight: View Invoice Notification

Client invoices play a critical role in a law firm’s cashflow. The longer it takes to deliver an invoice to a client, the longer it takes to get paid – it’s that simple.

To ensure fast and easy invoice delivery, many firms rely on our electronic options such as email or sharing via the client portal. These delivery options also notify you when a client views an invoice, which makes managing your firm’s collections simple and effective. 

In CosmoLex,  email invoices are sent in the form of a link by default. Delivering an invoice link gives you the ability to revoke an invoice before opening, or control the expiration of the invoice link. You can verify these delivery settings under Setup > Firm Settings.

When a client clicks on this link to download the invoice, a notification will be emailed to the firm email address and the invoice will be notated with a star in the application. This is also true when a client views an invoice in the client portal.

When viewing invoice details, either by clicking on the email icon or the orange details icon to the right of the invoice, you will see a summary of invoice information including the last download date, time, and source (email link or client portal).

To learn more about invoice delivery options in CosmoLex, visit our Support Portal.

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