CosmoLex Version 1.2 Is Here!

Have you signed into CosmoLex lately? If you have then you’ve probably noticed a few changes. We’ve released version 1.2 of the CosmoLex legal billing system. The new features include:

  • Easier Invoices – You can now email invoices and payment reminders directly to your clients. Send invoices one at a time or send them in batches. You can also save invoices for printing in either PDF or Microsoft Word formats.
  • New Icons – We’ve made pages easier to read by adding icons that tell you at a glance the billing method on each matter (hourly, fixed, contingency) and whether the matter is linked to a trust account. Sort by these icons to easily gather matters into logical groups.
  • Better Searching – Activities, Matter Details, and Bank Details can now be filtered by date range in addition to the old search parameters such as Client or Timekeeper. For example you can quickly see all matters from the last calendar month on one screen.
  • Faster Payee Setup – No longer do you have to set up a payee separately from entering a transaction. Now when you enter a transaction you can check “Remember Payee” and the payee information will automatically be added to your contact database for easy retrieval on future matters.

Take a look at the full list of changes in version 1.2 of CosmoLex time and billing software for more details.

Ongoing improvements are one of the great things about working with cloud-based software. You don’t have to download a patch, try to install it, get frustrated when it won’t work and generally waste your time doing IT work. The CosmoLex development team maintains and updates the software regularly in the background so you don’t have to worry about it.

This release is just the beginning. We have big plans for the future of CosmoLex and we hope to make major updates monthly. Our long term goal is to turn CosmoLex into a comprehensive law practice management software solution that is the only tool your practice will ever need.

Are there changes you want to see? Contact us and let us know. CosmoLex is being developed for you and we depend on your input to be sure we are creating the tool needed by today’s law practices. Your ideas make CosmoLex a better product.

Keep an eye on this blog for announcements of future updates as CosmoLex continues to grow.

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