CosmoLex Spotlight: Onboarding with a Personal Touch


The definition of onboarding is “the act or process of familiarizing a new customer with one’s products or services.” At CosmoLex, we take onboarding seriously.

Think about it: You’ve invested a considerable amount of time deciding on a new practice management software. You did research online, gathered information from your peers, and completed product demonstrations. However, picking software and using software are two different things. How can you make sure you’re getting the most out your new practice management software?

Let’s face it, most companies have tools to get you up and running on their software. We all have a support library or Knowledge Base, most of us have a live Technical Services team to aid you, and of course, any reliable software company will provide you with some type of initial training. But do you always know how to find and utilize those resources when you need them most?

How many times have you subscribed to software and received an email that says, “Welcome! Here’s a link to your resources.” Well, at CosmoLex, we do things a little differently — with a personal touch.

From the moment you join CosmoLex as a full subscriber, you and your law firm are looked after by our Client Relations Department and you are assigned a Personal Account Manager. Your Account Manager is your dedicated point of contact and advocate for the entire life of your account. In addition, during the first 60 days that you have CosmoLex, your Account Manager aids you every step of the way with the transition and implementation of CosmoLex into your firm’s everyday routine. This starts from Day One with your personal 1:1 Onboarding Kick-Off Call with your Account Manager.

Oftentimes, we’ve found that it’s not a matter of knowing if a company has Training and Educational Resources, but it is a matter of what the resources are and where to find them. Each new CosmoLex user receives a comprehensive tour of all CosmoLex Training and Educational options, including all live, chat, phone, forum, and email channels.

During the Onboarding Phase it not just about the mechanics of training. We want to make sure that all users which are a part of your firm’s account are comfortable with performing their daily tasks in CosmoLex. We’ll introduce you to our many avenues of training, including 1:1 training, small group training through our Daily Training Classes, and even the ability to schedule a firm-specific training so that you can be confident your entire staff has the knowledge they need to use CosmoLex successfully.

There are many detailed aspects to Onboarding — Migration, Training, and Implementation — but have no fear, we have a dedicated, U.S.-based staff that’s here to make sure your law firm has the personalized experience you need to be successful.


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