What Can We Learn From Heartbleed?

By now the Heartbleed bug is old news but it is still relevant to any online activity. CosmoLex legal software was unaffected by the Heartbleed bug but that doesn’t mean you are completely safe. Here are a few tips about how to protect yourself both when using CosmoLex and when indulging in other online activities.

Change Passwords – It turns out the Heartbleed bug has been around for two years. That means your password with an affected site could have been stolen two years ago and simply not used yet. This is why security experts recommend changing passwords at least every six months, and not using the same password ever again. Just to be safe we recommend you log into CosmoLex and change your password now to keep your account secure.

Don’t Use The Same Password – Although the CosmoLex legal billing system was not directly affected by Heartbleed, you could be in danger if you used the same login on some other site. If you used the same username and password at an affected site then the hackers can try using that login everywhere until it pays off. This is why you should changes passwords on different sites. Otherwise if even one site has bad security, then your entire online life is in danger.

Watch Your Accounts – Let’s say someone did manage to get your CosmoLex password and got access to your account. He could issue one big check to himself and hope you don’t notice before he cashes it or he could be tricky. Smart hackers bleed off money a little at a time, so slowly you don’t notice. This is one reason you need to perform bank reconciliations every month looking for suspicious activity.

Beware Of Scams – CosmoLex personnel will never ask you for your password. If you got an email from us suggesting you change your password — and we haven’t sent any emails like that as of this writing — then be wary of links. It is best to never click on links in emails since they may lead to you identical phishing sites that will steal your new password. Instead go to the site by using your own bookmarks or typing the URL into the browser.

Security is very important to use here at CosmoLex, which is why our legal time and billing software includes enterprise-level security to be sure you are protected.

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