Better Business Practices for Lawyers


This month, CosmoLex is focusing on overall “Better Business Practices” for lawyers and small law firms.  When you’re in charge of a law practice, it can be easy to focus on the clients and your cases, while forgetting that you also have a business to run. There can seem like a lot to manage, so we’re to help with ways you can make the management process easier and enhance your practice at the same time.

Join us as we walk you through the most important areas you can address to create a more productive, thriving law firm:

Data Security Basics for Law Firms

Most lawyers aren’t trained IT specialists or computer technicians, but they’re still responsible for keeping client data secure. With an obligation to protect confidential client information, know how vendors and service providers are managing data and ensure digital security, lawyers need to be aware of best practices. We’ll fill you in on the most common data security questions and how to handle scenarios involved with cloud security, backup protocol, security policies, data breaches, secure communication and more. Learn more in our Ask an Expert session: Digital Security Basics for Law Firms with John Verry.

The Top 3 QuickBooks Challenges for Law Firms

As more and more firms move to the cloud, QuickBooks can be one of the first options that is considered for accounting. But using a general business accounting tool to handle all the strict regulations and requirements lawyers are faced with can present law firms with challenges and compliance risks. We’ll show you what the most common QuickBooks Challenges for Law Firms are and why using a legal-specific accounting tool can be a better option to help your office avoid compliance violations.

Better Business Practices for Law Firms

Running a law practice means needing to be both a lawyer and a business owner, but it can be easy to forget the practice management side while you’re busy juggling clients and cases. We’ll break down the basics of how to plan for business success and set up your overall strategy with a business plan, marketing strategy, and processes – all measured to make sure you’re headed in the right direction. We’ll also cover the way internal culture and values impact how you run your practice and your perceived brand image — even if you’re the only one in the office.

Using the right metrics, following the money and making smarter business decisions will leave your practice set up for success. Learn more as Jaimee Hall of Legal Back Office answers your questions on Better Business Practices for Lawyers.

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