Better Billing Practices and More


In April we’ll be focusing on all the ways you can improve your billing and increase profits at your law firm with “Better Billing Practices and More.” Billing your clients may seem straight-forward but taking a closer look can be the difference between healthy cash flow and always waiting for the next check to come in. Check out our upcoming monthly webinar series to see what you can do to speed up your legal billing and get paid — increasing your bottom line.

Better Billing & Faster Payments

If you find billing tedious and wish you got paid faster (and who doesn’t?), this webinar is for you! Amanda Hyuck from LawPay joins us in this AMA style Q&A to cover how you can easily create invoices that communicate a clear message to your clients and what you can do to accelerate your payment process. Get answers to your most pressing questions in our Ask an Expert session: Better Billing & Faster Payments.

Procuring Profitability in Your Law Firm

Higher profits start with proper billing. Even though it can seem simple, a few changes can help you avoid damage to your reputation and earnings and turn your billing process into a profit-building tool. Learn the do’s and don’ts of billing in Procuring Profitability in Your Law Firm.

Legal Accounting Face-Off: CosmoLex Versus Quickbooks

The best way to choose a legal accounting program for your firm is to compare them side by side and take a close look at how they handle the most critical accounting tasks you face. We’ll take the two leading legal accounting programs and check out their ability to take on common legal accounting issues, big and small. In the end, you’ll be able to easily decide which one is best for your firm. Register today: Legal Accounting Face-Off: CosmoLex Versus QuickBooks.


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