Advantages Of Cloud-Based Law Firm Software

CosmoLex has been developed from the ground up as a fully cloud-based legal software solution. We didn’t move into the cloud simply because it’s the popular thing to do. After examining the benefits of both desktop and cloud law practice management software we came to the conclusion that this is the future of the legal industry. Here are just a few of the reasons we think the cloud is better for most law firms.

Stay Mobile – Few lawyers spend their entire careers sitting at a desk. You need to be able to manage your practice from anywhere: your home, the courthouse or the mediation table. Greater access lets you cater to the needs of your clients, and leaves you better prepared than attorneys using desktop-based solutions.

No Computer Knowledge Needed – As software has become more functional, it has also become more complicated. Even small law firms need dedicated IT people to run their networks. When you move your legal billing and accounting software into the cloud, then you let us handle the technical side so your practice can focus on the law.

Automatic Backups – We all know how important it is to archive critical client information. And yet we are all guilty of putting off backups, or not testing them, or not storing them properly. With CosmoLex, your practice’s data is backed up automatically in professionally managed and geographically separated datacenters. No matter what happens to your office, your data is safe.

Use The Computers You Want – Your choice of software often dictates your choice of computer. Most lawyer billing software is for Windows, which is frustrating if you prefer Macs. Cloud-based software is device independent. Access your information from Windows, Macintosh, iPad, Android, or even your smartphone.

Scalability – Capital costs inhibit your practice’s ability to grow. Expanding your IT infrastructure as you add new attorneys and support staff is expensive and disruptive. Cloud solutions expand automatically as you need them with no capital cost. You will always have the computing capabilities you need no matter how large or small your office is.

Desktop-based software isn’t dead by any means, but a growing number of legal professionals are discovering the need for a more flexible option. Try CosmoLex free – no credit card needed – to see just how much cloud-based billing software for lawyers streamlines your practice.

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