5 Ways to Use Marketing Automation at Your Law Firm

5 Ways to Use Marketing Automation at Your Law Firm

Successful marketing is essential for attracting new leads and staying profitable, but many law firms don’t have the time or the resources to devote to a dedicated marketing campaign. After all, most attorneys have too much on their plate to focus on gaining new clients—they’re already knee-deep in managing the clients they already have! 

It can often take several consecutive follow-ups before a new lead becomes receptive to hiring an attorney. Marketing automation for law firms can help automate the marketing process, ensuring leads are nurtured and clients are maintained with minimal administrative effort from firm staff. 

Still not convinced? Here are 5 simple ways to engage current and prospective clients by implementing marketing automation at your firm.  

  1. Automatically follow up with potential leads

Marketing automation for law firms can completely automate the numerous touch points required to land clients, saving attorneys the administrative time typically required to follow up with leads. 

For example, firms using marketing automation tools can create custom email drip campaigns to follow up with prospective clients who have visited the firm’s website or completed an intake form. These marketing campaigns keep your firm top-of-mind for those looking for legal representation without requiring any additional bandwidth. 

  1. Communicate with clients the way they want you to

Email is an effective marketing tool, but it’s not the only one. Marketing automation software can automatically send personalized text messages and even voice messages to clients, ensuring you reach out to clients in the manner they’re most likely to respond to. 

Besides the benefit of immediate notification, texts generally have a high open rate, making them a great option for firms looking to schedule meetings or provide information to current or prospective clients. Texting is also convenient for clients since it allows them to submit accident photos or photos of required documents quickly and easily via text. 

Some clients, particularly older individuals, may prefer phone calls to other methods of communication. Make a call without picking up the phone by sending custom, pre-recorded voice messages to prospective clients. 

Ultimately, marketing automation helps you reach current and prospective clients in the method they’re most comfortable with. 

  1. Automatically document communications with clients and leads

The right legal software will also allow you to automatically document and time stamp all incoming and outgoing client communications to maintain legal recordkeeping requirements. This allows firms to document (and later easily invoice) phone calls, emails, and texts without any extra time. It also boosts accountability among team members, since it’s easy to see who followed up with which leads and clients and when. 

  1. Ease the client intake burden

Following up quickly after receiving contact and intake forms is key to locking in leads. Ideally, clients who reach out requesting information should be contacted the same day, since they might be looking for immediate legal representation for a pending legal matter. Marketing automation can help your firm provide immediate follow-ups to prospective clients by sending automated emails, voice messages, or texts to share information and schedule next steps. 

Marketing automation tools can also help your firm identify which leads are worth pursuing. By creating custom, logic-based intake forms, you can easily determine whether a new lead has a case your firm wants to take. 

  1. Get personal

Hiring an attorney and moving through the legal process is intimidating, especially for those who have never done it before. Clients want a relationship with their lawyer, and marketing automation tools can help you build trust. 

The right marketing automation software can make automated follow-ups feel personal. Attorneys don’t have the bandwidth to individually email each client, but personalized emails and texts make clients feel seen and valued. 

Looking to bring in more clients? Marketing automation is the answer 

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