4 Apps to Increase Your Firm’s Productivity


With only so many hours in the day, you need to make the most of them. A busy schedule, demanding clients, and a constant to-do list all require you to be as efficient as possible and we’re going to show you some apps to help you do just that. From staying organized to being one step ahead of your client’s needs, these mobile applications can help you increase your productivity. 


Ever find a great article that you don’t get a chance to finish reading, have an amazing idea while out on the road, or lose track of the many, many “to do when you have time” tasks? With Evernote, you can easily store, tag, and locate all of these details with simply syncing between all your devices. Evernote isn’t limited to text and links either – you can use images, video, and other media as well.   


Whether you have written notes or an original document that needs to be converted to a PDF, CamScanner can help. 

Your practice management solution’s app

Most of today’s cloud-based practice management solutions have an app associated with them, letting you easily access your most-needed documents and case information. With matter details at your fingertips, you can pull up what you need to keep your cases moving forward from anywhere. 

Time tracking

Make sure you’re billing for all of the time you work by entering it as soon as it happens with a mobile app. If you’re using your practice management app we mentioned above, some have a built-in time tracker you can use. If not, you can download an app-specific for time tracking, such as Toggl.

These apps are just a few of the many, many out there designed to increase efficiency and make life easier for its users. The ability to work with such ease while in the courtroom or at home may have seemed impossible twenty years ago, but today’s technology allows lawyers to make the most of their time, no matter where they are. Use these apps to put technology to work for you and your firm.


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