4 Reasons Why You Should Manage Your Firm in The Cloud

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the cloud by now. If you do happen to be under a rock, this is as good a time as ever for you to poke your head out and learn more about practice management solutions in the cloud. While there are many reasons to move your firms practice management in the cloud, these 4 reasons should be enough to convince you to make the leap.

4 Reasons to Manage Your Firm in The Cloud:

1. Save Time and Money with Practice Management in the Cloud

The cloud becomes a replacement for having to install and run practice management programs on your computer yourself. Practice management solutions in the cloud are hosted by the software provider and therefore only require you to set up the users and adjust the settings to fit the specific needs of your firm. This reduces time spent on the implementation process. It also means that your firm can save money on IT resources since you will no longer need to maintain hardware or software in-house.

2. Practice Management Solutions in the Cloud Are Always Up to Date

Any practice management system worth its salt is constantly growing with the unique legal industry it serves. Laws and regulations inside the legal industry are constantly changing. With cloud-based practice management, firms can continue their day to day practice management tasks and functions while updates are made across the board. In the past firms would have to wait for new versions of practice management software, re-install the latest version, and migrate all their existing data into an updated version of their software. Thankfully, practice management in the cloud is updated on the fly, giving its subscribers the latest and greatest technology without the headache. In a world where compliance with the latest regulations is key, this sets practice management software in the cloud apart from yesterday’s native practice management solutions.

3. Scalability for Growing Firms

If I had a dollar for every time I heard a small firm say, “We just don’t need all of the functionality this practice management system has to offer,” I’d be writing this blog post from an island somewhere. When practice management software is run from the cloud, firms can utilize additional functionality and modules as they grow and their needs change. The needs of a firm on day 1 with two members are certainly different when the firm adds team members, clients, and even practice areas. Practice management software in the cloud allows you to add and remove team members as they come and go ensuring that new team members can hit the ground running on day one and previous members of the firm don’t.

4. Accessibility for Firms on the Go

Practice management software in the cloud offers your firm’s attorneys and employees the access to emails, documents, tasks/calendars, billing information, and many other critical systems they need to do their job wherever it is they happen to be working. There are multiple benefits associated with this. Not only does it increase your firm’s productivity, but having access to timekeeping and billing modules on the run will reduce leakage associated with time spent on a matter that may go unrecorded.

Are You Ready to Manage Your Practice in the Cloud?

Are you convinced? Is it time to make the leap into the cloud? CosmoLex has migrated firms across the country into the cloud and we’re ready to do the same for you. You can review our data migration guide and even sign up for a free trial of CosmoLex to experience practice management in the cloud for yourself.


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