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Learn Why Lawyers Are Switching to CosmoLex

Everything is right there at your fingertips and the fact that it is cloud-based is a plus when you’re traveling. You can access it 24/7. Plus the biggest draw for me was the fact that there is unlimited help. Everyone is very knowledgeable and always ready to assist you.

Camille Mongeau
Peter M. Feaman, P.A., Florida
Overall Quality:
April 21, 2017

I elected to use it for some complicated trust and billing matters. This program does everything I need. I just sent out my first batch of invoices and it went smoothly. This is a small firm, so I jump back & forth from legal to accounting issues. Therefore, I often need help from CosmoLex agents to fix my errors. I also use the help screens on their website. All agents have been very helpful & David in particular has been patient and responsive.

Vicky Witkowski
Ronald Witkowski, PA, Florida
Overall Quality:
April 6, 2017

I was always frustrated by the need to use a separate accounting software in addition to my billing software; and the two software systems never were never fully compatible. I was looking for practice management software that combined both functions: billing and accounting. Cosmolex was the answer. Cosmolex has exceeded my expectations by: combining billing and accounting functionality in one software package; making accounting functions easy-to-use for non-accountants; providing convenient access from smart phones and other devices; and cloud storage of data.

Mark McKew
Law Offices of Mark McKew PLLC, New York
Overall Quality:
February 24, 2017

I knew I needed a software that could assist me in staying compliant with trust account reconciliation. I like that I am able to easily reconcile my trust accounts and also have access to other features, like time-keeping. Easily seeing what I need to bill, and creating customized invoices are also features I find attractive in CosmoLex.

Rose M Staples Deese
Law Office of Rose M Staples Deese, North Carolina
Overall Quality:
January 18, 2017

For many years our firm used a number of different back office software products. For example, we used Easy Trust for trust accounting, Quick Books for financial accounting and payroll, and Timeslips for time and billing. These are all products that run on individual computers. About 3 years ago, the company that produced EasyTrust quit supporting that product. For the last 3 years we have basically been on our own regarding trust accounting. It has worked out okay to date, but at some point we knew that we would encounter an operating system problem or something and we would have had a substantial problem and the program would’ve stopped working and we would’ve had no support or help. When we started looking for new trust accounting software, we saw that your product was made specifically for law firms – cool! It also combined trust accounting, financial accounting, time and billing, which was the most appealing aspect. But the fact that Cosmolex is cloud-based, cinched it for us. Because our office manager (who oversees and reconciles the trust accounting — that is, the software is on her computer) telecommutes from her house. So every time I needed to enter credit card payments, Trust deposits, write checks, etc., I had to drive 3 miles to her house. So being able to do a lot of that work from the office, has been wonderful.

Rebekah Phelps-Roper
Phelps-Chartered, Kansas
Overall Quality:
January 16, 2017

We have previously used some SQL based accounting software, but Cosmolex’s user interfaces make our accounting much more accurate. I like Cosmolex’s support, that it has such a broad functionality. I specifically like the way I can integrate entering in an expense and link it to the matter, I like using the [timekeeper] reports so that I can keep up with calculating 941 Withholdings. Also, just having a system with set rules on how to input data keeps our financial data clean and accurate for auditing.

Sara N. Franco
Adkins Law Firm, Texas
Overall Quality:
January 12, 2017

I’m really happy with the timeliness of the reps and the amount of content available to help navigate all of the program’s features. It’s comprehensive, user friendly, and my bar association partners with the program. I like the dedicated phone app. Customer service and integration with LawPay, and Casemaker is a bonus!

John Paul D. Washburn
Washburn Law Office, LLC, Kansas
Overall Quality:
January 7, 2017

Our firm needed an easy way to keep track of our IOLTA and CosmoLex was the answer.

Allison Dussias
Law Office of Niko G. Marneris, Illinois
Overall Quality:
January 6, 2017

Default settings are appropriate, it is very easy to use and customer service is great.

Debra J. Lehman
Law Office of Debra J. Lehman, New Jersey
Overall Quality:
December 23, 2016

My previous software was constantly requiring me to contact engineering support for data integrity issues. I spent too much time getting the system fixed instead of working. [CosmoLex is] complete practice software with front and back office accounting, links emails to clients/matters automatically, integrates with Office 365, LawPay and other applications I use, and Cloud based so I can access it from anywhere.

Christine Freeman
The Law Office of Christine L. Freeman, LLC, Missouri
Overall Quality:
December 22, 2016