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Rebekah Phelps-Roper

For many years our firm used a number of different back office software products. For example, we used Easy Trust for trust accounting, Quick Books for financial accounting and payroll, and Timeslips for time and billing. These are all products that run on individual computers. About 3 years ago, the company that produced EasyTrust quit supporting that product. For the last 3 years we have basically been on our own regarding trust accounting. It has worked out okay to date, but at some point we knew that we would encounter an operating system problem or something and we would have had a substantial problem and the program would’ve stopped working and we would’ve had no support or help. When we started looking for new trust accounting software, we saw that your product was made specifically for law firms – cool! It also combined trust accounting, financial accounting, time and billing, which was the most appealing aspect. But the fact that Cosmolex is cloud-based, cinched it for us. Because our office manager (who oversees and reconciles the trust accounting — that is, the software is on her computer) telecommutes from her house. So every time I needed to enter credit card payments, Trust deposits, write checks, etc., I had to drive 3 miles to her house. So being able to do a lot of that work from the office, has been wonderful.

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