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Danielle Sonntag

We needed a cloud based system that was compatible with Macs and did as much as possible in one program. We chose CosmoLex primarily because of its ease of use. The way the accounting and client management blend together so easily, takes so many steps out of the equation. We were able to easily transport all of our client information over effortlessly…which was a huge concern of ours. CosmoLex understands how important customer service is and goes out of their way to make sure each client is happy.

Another great thing about CosmoLex is that it does so many things in one and reduces the amount of programs needed. It takes care of our client management, trust accounting, accounting, calendaring, contact management, etc. We are now only paying for one program instead of two or three and everything is all in one place! It is simple and efficient. One concern we had when purchasing CosmoLex was if our accountants would be able to use and understand the system. That is a concern no more. The software is so easy to use that our accountants immediately picked it up and have no problems when it comes to handling the firm’s taxes at the end of the year.

CosmoLex Admin