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Credit Card Payments – A Compliant & Hassle Free Solution

CosmoLex’s fully integrated credit card processing (from LawPay®) allows you to follow payments end-to-end. CosmoLex turns card acceptance from an error-prone, time-intensive task into an automated, accurate, and cost effective process.

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Safe, Seamless Credit Card Processing

(100% Compliant)

CosmoLex makes credit card acceptance automated and accurate, Thanks to a built-in integration with LawPay®, you manage payments end-to-end, — always in complete compliance with the special bookkeeping requirements governing law firm receivables.


Lynda Weeden

“Three software packages was too much! With CosmoLex, everything was in one place.”

Lynda Weeden / Sheftall & Associates, P.A. / Florida / June 2017

Kenneth Baum

“The customer support at CosmoLex is superb - someone always responds to an inquiry promptly."

Kenneth Baum / Law Offices of Kenneth L. Baum / New Jersey / June 2017

William D. Lowe

"I looked at a variety of programs when I opened my own practice and CosmoLex seemed to be the most user friendly.”

William D. Lowe / Law Office of W. Douglas Lowe / N. Carolina / June 2017


Make Clients Happy by Taking Online Payments

Law firms that take credit card payments typically see a 30-40% improvement in cash flow — along with improved client satisfaction. You can process payments right on the CosmoLex billing screen — or clients can pay directly online. Thanks to a seamless integration with LawPay®, your office will process credit card payments correctly — with bookkeeping entries generated automatically and in compliance with all the regulations for legal-fee revenue recognition.


Keep Trust Retainers Current with Credit Card Payments

Retainer payments by credit card are also easily processed — thanks to the LawPay ® integration built in to CosmoLex. Here again, your office can make the charge on the CosmoLex billing screen, or your client can pay directly online. You’ll find it much easier to keep your retainer balances full.

End-to-End Accounting for Client Credit Card Payments

CosmoLex gives you a fully integrated billing and legal business accounting system — and that includes making sure you can easily and safely take credit card payments from your clients.

  • As payments post to your bank account, you immediately know which invoices got paid (instead of waiting for manual entries.)
  • Merchant deposit funds are batched — multiple client payments are pooled into a single bank deposit each day. A simple, one-click process replaces the common daily bookkeeping headache found in other systems.
  • You can even process refunds directly within CosmoLex. Thanks to CosmoLex’s unique integrated billing and accounting, you eliminate the hassle of juggling with multiple systems. And you always know the current status of each invoice.

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