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Sometimes it seems like there’s a regulation governing every dollar you bring into the practice. And that goes double for money that needs to go the other way — just think about your vendor bills, 3rd party lien claims, and the rest.

It’s not enough to have money in the bank to cover your checks. You need an adequate accounts payable solution to track where the money is going, when, and what matter it’s related to. And that’s just for starters!

When you’re acting as the fiduciary for your clients, these are not your debts, but you are held responsible. If something goes wrong, it’s your firm that’s in trouble. What do you need to know to stay safe? Attend this webinar to find out.

We understand that you’re a lawyer and not an accountant. These challenges extend beyond your books and affect the management of your law practice — learn how they’re affecting you at this week’s webinar.

Bonus Giveaway: Every webinar attendee will also receive a free copy of a specialized legal accounts payable whitepaper.

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