Tech Tip #175: Disconnected Communication Can Hurt Your Firm

Law Firm Communication

If attorneys in your firm are digging through files on their computer to find a document, email, or when they’re supposed to meet with a client, they aren’t making good use of their time and it could even get them in trouble when it comes to compliance. Implement a practice management system that can store all communication in the cloud … Read More

The Modern Law Firm: Less is More


These days, it can feel like a full-time job just trying to keep up with new technology, all of which seems to promise time-saving solutions that will revolutionize both your professional and personal lives. Especially in the legal industry, recent advances and new applications have transformed complicated, out-of-date methods, speeding up communication with colleagues and clients, and allowing attorneys to … Read More

Tech Tip #155: Small Firms Learn To Operate With Limited Resources


No matter how large or small your law firm is, your firm is subject to the same compliance requirements as any other firm. For small firms with limited resources, this can make an audit a difficult process. And for small firms that lack dedicated resources, utilizing legal practice management systems in the cloud can be a great equalizer and the … Read More

Tech Tip #153: How Does Your Firm Manage Administrative Tasks?


Many law firms use a number of different systems to manage their administrative tasks such as client communication, billing, research, and cost tracking associated with a legal matter. Problems arise when firm members need to search in multiple systems to find multiple pieces of information associated with a single matter. Use legal specific solutions that allow you to link items … Read More

Tech Tip #146: Family Law Attorneys Face Many Challenges & They’re All Connected

Trust Accounting

There are several challenges that family law attorneys face. These challenges can include; docket control, calendar and event tracking, billing and collections, and trust accounting. Understanding that these challenges are all connected, and finding a practice management solution that integrates all the systems used to address each of them is a step in the right direction for any firm. Learn … Read More

Tech Tip #145: Family Law Clients Are Already Stressed, Don’t Miss Your Deadlines

Trust Accounting

When dealing with family law your clients will often be in a difficult financial and emotional state. The last thing you want to do is create additional stress by missing important deadlines. Utilizing calendaring software that is integrated with docket control solutions can help ensure your firm stays on top of all deadlines and helps to maintain your clients’ sanity … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions For Your Law Firm

Trust Accounting

  Here we are, two weeks into 2017! How are you doing with your resolutions? Still hitting the gym, eating better, reading more? Maybe you’re not a “Resolutions Person”. That’s okay not everybody needs to set up resolutions for their personal life. Running a law firm is a different story, though. Just like any other business, a law firm needs … Read More

Tech Tip #41 – Establish a Primary Method of Communication With Your Client

Trust Accounting

We live in an age where there is never a problem of finding a way to communicate with clients. There’s email, phone calls, texts, video chats, and maybe soon we’ll be communicating by hologram. Unfortunately, with so many methods of communication, it’s easy to lose track of what you or your client has said. Make sure your firm establishes a … Read More

Productivity Multipliers: An Overview

Trust Accounting

Don’t make the mistake of being so focused on the law that you forget about managing your legal practice. Without a unified practice management strategy and the legal software to support it, you are doomed to constantly floundering around wondering why your work never gets done. A well-organized office handles more cases and generates more revenue but there are other … Read More

The Importance Of Branding To A Law Firm

Attorneys need to reach new clients, yet many are reluctant to engage in overt advertisements. If you depend on word of mouth referrals like many firms do, then it is essential that you project a professional image. The invoices produced by CosmoLex billing software for lawyers help you maintain that image. History Of Legal Advertising In 1908 the American Bar Association … Read More