Vendor Compliance and Your Law Firm

What kind of relationship do you have with your vendors? Have you peeked behind the curtains to see how they’re running their show? Or do you hold your breath and simply hope that they’ll keep all the balls in the air (including the ones that belong to your law firm)? If you’re not taking an active role in vetting and … Read More

Ask an Expert: Security Basics for Law Firms

Security is critical for law firms, especially with so many people working remotely these days. While the where of work may be changing, the need to be clear on security procedures and tools hasn’t changed. We spoke with Henry Dicker, Senior VP of Client Engagement at Lowers Forensic International. Serving for more than 20 years as ALM’s Vice-President of Global … Read More

Cloud Computing Ethics for Lawyers

At some point in the early to mid-2010s, jokes about “the cloud” were common. What’s “the cloud” mean? Where is it? Does anyone even know? These days, most of us are pretty familiar with what cloud computing is and all the benefits that it offers. What’s less clear, though, is the ethical pitfalls that it poses. Yes, cloud computing is … Read More

Top 5 Security Vulnerabilities Your Law Firm Should Know About

Law firms deal with sensitive information day in and out. Keeping this data confidential, especially anything related to a case, means you have to worry about more than what you’re doing – you also need to think about what you’re not doing. Ignoring potential security vulnerabilities could leave your firm, its data and its reputation exposed to risk.  There are … Read More

Tech tools that go the extra mile when you’re working from home

mobile applications on phone

You’ve got your home office set up. You’re an expert at remote collaboration, online consultations, and virtual conferencing by now. You’re feeling pretty good about this whole work-from-home thing.  If this describes your feelings about remote work, you’re not alone. Surveys are showing that an increasing number of workers have warmed to the WFH life. There are a lot of … Read More

Cloud is Here and It’s in the Mainstream


The majority of lawyers don’t think of themselves as business owners, but for solo and small firm lawyers that’s exactly what they are. But building a successful law firm goes beyond quality legal work. The skillset needed to truly be of service to clients, build a solid reputation and run a sustainable practice all comes down to technology – which … Read More

Question of the Week: How can I protect my firm against ransomware?


The implications of ransomware can be serious for law firms, who, by the very nature of the profession, store confidential client information. If a malicious party gains access to these files, the resulting repercussions can have career-altering effects for lawyers. To avoid that scenario, lawyers need to take proactive steps to protect their firm from attacks. Ransomware works by locking … Read More

Demystifying Modern Practice Management


Law firms use countless types of technology to help support them and their clients, but the term “modern practice management” can cause some confusion. What does that phrase even mean? In an age where firms have increasingly more varied options when it comes to practice management tools, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what the choices are and … Read More

10 Tips in 10 Minutes: Utilizing the Cloud in Your Law Practice


Whether your firm is already using cloud applications or considering implementing them, there are some important considerations when it comes to using cloud-based systems. Mobility, modern features, and less IT headaches are all benefits of the cloud, but to implement it properly, stay secure, and maximize improvements, there’s a number of items to be aware of. With all of the … Read More