What You Can Do to Speed Up the Client Intake Process

What You Can Do to Speed Up the Client Intake Process

Your law firm’s intake process isn’t just the first step to growing your firm with new clients—it’s also the first impression many leads will have of your firm. If the client intake process is slow, complicated, or confusing for prospective clients, you’re much more likely to lose qualified leads from your law firm’s intake funnel.  A streamlined, efficient intake processes … Read More

The Pros and Cons of Attorney Performance Reviews

The Pros and Cons of Attorney Performance Reviews

Like many professionals, lawyers have a love/hate relationship with performance reviews. Some say they’re unhelpful and take up valuable time, while others think they’re a way to identify candidates for promotion and engage employees.   Performance reviews should provide a dedicated time for leaders in an organization to praise employee strengths and discuss long-term goals, but according to Gallup, only 20% … Read More

3 Time Tracking Tips for Busy Attorneys

3 time tracking tips for busy attorneys

Are you a solo attorney or small law firm working to keep up with time tracking? Tracking your time is vital for accurate billing and profitable decision-making, but it’s the one thing nearly everyone puts off until they absolutely have to do it. It’s easy to get “in the zone” while working on something for a case and let recording … Read More

Spring Cleaning for Your Law Firm

Spring cleaning for your law firm

Your real life begins after putting your house in order. —Marie Kondo Many cultures throughout history have a tradition of dusting down and sprucing up their spaces during this seasonal transition. In Thailand, people spend two days in April scrubbing their homes, each other, and statues of Buddha with buckets of water meant to wash away bad luck. Homes in … Read More

KPIs for Marketing Your Law Firm

KPIs for marketing your law firm

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are important metrics that can help law firms understand how successful their marketing strategies are. Whether it’s tracking website clicks, analyzing cost per lead, or assessing conversion rates, it’s vital to understand your progress so you can assess your work and build upon your success. One of the benefits of digital marketing, whether it’s your website, … Read More

Your Guide to Attorney Networking

Your Guide to Attorney Networking

Networking might have ten letters, but for many attorneys, it’s a four-letter word. The most common complaint professionals make about networking is that it feels inauthentic and transactional. And because networking successfully requires a significant investment of time—a lawyer’s most valuable commodity—a healthy percentage of attorneys avoid it altogether. That’s a mistake. Done correctly, networking can: Help you carve out … Read More

Making Career Changes as a Lawyer

Making career changes as a lawyer

It’s not an industry secret that legal careers can be stressful and lead to burnout. Young lawyers especially seem to be pushing for more work-life balance, but in the work-from-home era, those boundaries can be hard to enforce—and they still aren’t a cure-all for the stresses of legal work. For some attorneys, the solution isn’t working from home or greater … Read More

Online Payment Dos and Don’ts for Law Firms

Online Payment Dos and Don'ts

Providing online payment options opens up a world of opportunity to law firms seeking to streamline and improve their legal billing processes. But accepting credit cards can also put lawyers at risk of compliance violations—particularly if you don’t use a payment processor that has key safeguards in place. Do accept credit cards Clients are used to paying for almost everything … Read More

Is it Okay for Lawyers to Pay Referral Fees?

Lawyers Pay Referral Fees

Referrals—they’re an essential part of your networking and marketing strategy.   The referrals that come your way from current and former clients, other lawyers, and your contacts across different industries have a significant impact on your business, both in the short- and long term. A study conducted at the Wharton School and Goethe University found that referred clients “generate higher profit … Read More

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Marketing

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Law Firm’s Marketing

Recently, our Marketing Director Branden Wawrzyniak co-hosted an online webinar with Law Ruler’s Matthew Defrain. The goal? To demystify legal marketing and help you grow your practice with simple, actionable tips that you can start implementing now. Before you get started: finding the right CRM If your practice hasn’t implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software yet, now could be … Read More