Tech Tip #26 – How does CosmoLex’s Online Invoice Payment Option Differ from Others?


Online invoice payment is not only convenient for your clients but with the integration of LawPay within CosmoLex, receiving payment becomes a completely automatic and seamless process. With many programs, online payments simply mean receiving the payment online, but you still need to make the entry within your billing system. In the case of CosmoLex & LawPay, […]

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Tech Tip #24 – Surviving Your Trust Account Audit


As you all know, trust accounting is no joke. You need to keep on top of compliance regulations to ensure no issues occur come audit time. In the past, trust accounting was often kept outside of a Firm’s Legal Practice Management system. That creates many inefficiencies which lead to serious errors. Fortunately, CosmoLex fully integrates […]

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Making The Most of Your Firm’s Marketing Budget

As a lawyer managing their own firm, you understand the need to generate business. Without clients, your rent doesn’t get paid, your attorneys and employees don’t get paid, your lights get turned off, and your firm will ultimately fail. I’m fairly confident you don’t want to start a new job search or fire any of […]

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