Migrating Legal Accounting Data Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

There are a number of reasons why your firm may need to migrate their legal accounting data. It’s possible that you are merging with a partner firm, or perhaps you’re splitting from a former partner. It could just be that your firm has come across a better legal accounting solution and need to make the […]

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Business Intelligence For Law Firms

We live in a day and age where data is king. Businesses don’t go a week without utilizing business intelligence to make better decisions for their business. In the legal profession some may think big data and analytics aren’t nearly as prevalent as they are across other industries. But if your law firm isn’t utilizing […]

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Tech Tip #31 – Use a Legal-Specific Accounting Program

It’s not uncommon to find law firms using general business accounting program for their legal accounting needs. It is important for law firms to understand legal-specific accounting needs and limitations of these programs. To learn what makes legal-specific accounting in CosmoLex different from generic accounting software click here!

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