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CosmoLex Spotlight: Batch Billing

Billing is an activity that often takes up the most unbillable administrative time, but it’s an important function because it’s how the firm gets paid. Since billing isn’t going away any time soon, the next best thing is to automate the process as much as possible.

Batch billing is a function in which you can select all of the matters you wish to bill for and generate invoices for all of them with a single click of the mouse. If you have a routine billing cycle (i.e. monthly) where there may be a high volume of bills, batch billing is a great way to cut down on administrative time.


CosmoLex also provides filtering tools for batch invoicing, so if you need to generate a specific batch by attorney, billing method, client, or other custom criteria, you can.


In addition to generating bills in a batch, you can also finalize, print, and email in batches. Batch emailing is a huge timesaver as you can get your invoices out to all of your clients with consistent messaging in just a few clicks.


To learn more about batch billing and emailing invoices in CosmoLex, visit the CosmoLex Support Portal.


Erica Birstler

Erica Birstler is the Director of Strategic Communications at CosmoLex -- developers of a fully-integrated, cloud-based legal practice management, billing & trust accounting system specifically designed for solo and small law firms. Erica's degree is in Business Administration and she has over 6 years of experience in the legal software industry, catering to the specialized technology needs of small to mid-sized law firms. Erica has given numerous presentations across the country on legal technologies such as law practice technology management, cloud computing, and legal billing & trust accounting compliance.