Tech Tip # 191: Take Advantage of Modern Functionality Available to Law Firms

Tech Tip Staying Competitve Law Firm Cloud Technology

Firms that still manage their practice using legacy desktop programs are missing out on modern functionality that their competitors are already taking advantage of. This will lessen their ability to collaborate and create a more agile work environment for members of their firm. Increase your firm’s capabilities by moving to the cloud! Interested in keeping […]

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Staying Competitive in 2018: Why The Cloud Matters

Blog - Legal Cloud Software in 2018

Recently, we discussed What to Look Out for When Moving Your Practice to the Cloud, and focused on the full migration picture to prepare firms with an understanding of what to expect once they decide to make the switch from one practice management application to another. However, it’s important also to consider how a company […]

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Tech Tip #180: Know What Data Needs To Be Migrated When Moving Your Firm Into The Cloud

Data migration to the cloud

Have you considered moving your firm’s practice management and accounting into the cloud? It’s a great idea and can improve efficiency across the board, but before you do so it’s important to understand which pieces of your existing data needs to be migrated into a new system. Most migrations will require you to bring data […]

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What to Look Out For When Moving Your Practice to The Cloud

Moving Your Law Practice to the cloud

The Cloud. Have you heard of it? Of course, you have. And if you’re reading this, then chances are, you’re already considering making the tech and business savvy decision to move your practice’s data to the cloud. Today, we’re discussing what you need to know (and do) to prepare your firm for a painless migration. […]

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