Adjusting to the New Normal for Lawyers

A lot has changed for lawyers since COVID-19 struck. Whole law firms working from home, remote depositions, and virtual hearings and taking on new clients while never meeting them seemed unimaginable at the beginning of the year. Now? It’s the new normal.  It’s a big adjustment! Especially when you want to make sure your office is staying productive.  While very … Read More

Utilizing a Mid-Year Accounting Checklist

Taking stock of your accounting isn’t just an end of year task – although it would be nice to only have to do it once a year!  These days, it’s more important than ever for lawyers to be aware of their financial standing and make sure they’re keeping accurate records. Doing a mid-year accounting check will leave you with a … Read More

Cloud Computing Ethics for Lawyers

At some point in the early to mid-2010s, jokes about “the cloud” were common. What’s “the cloud” mean? Where is it? Does anyone even know? These days, most of us are pretty familiar with what cloud computing is and all the benefits that it offers. What’s less clear, though, is the ethical pitfalls that it poses. Yes, cloud computing is … Read More

How to Improve Your Law Firm’s Financial Security Today

Financial security isn’t just for your personal life – law firms should seek to have the same peace of mind that comes with the right long-term financial planning. Not only is it less stressful, but it also leads to sustained success when you’ve made sure the right processes are in place. In the busy world of running a practice though, … Read More

Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Accounting Productivity

In this post, we’re rounding out our 3-part series “Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Productivity.” For a complete overview of how modern, legal software can help you maintain a more productive law office, read our posts on legal billing and practice management. Accounting isn’t just one of the most commonly disliked parts of running a law practice – it … Read More

Using Modern Tools To Increase Your Billing Productivity

We all want to get paid for the work we do. But working on the actual billing that means we can get paid? Not nearly as enjoyable.  Billing clients can be a time-consuming headache, especially when you’re not using modern tools. Tasks that could take only minutes take hours. And all that time is taking away from other things that … Read More

Using Modern Tools to Increase Your Practice Management Productivity

Want to know how to increase your firm’s productivity? Hint: You don’t need to work harder to make it happen.  To get even better, and more, output at your firm, the answer lies in using the right practice management tools to help with emails, calendaring, tasks, and document management. We all only have the same number of hours in a … Read More

Using Technology to Improve Your Legal Accounting

Technology on law firm accounting desk

Keeping up with client demands and changes in the industry, along with compliance requirements, can seem never-ending. Let’s face it – law firms have so many unique pieces that need to deal with that other businesses don’t have to. Legal accounting is one of those particular pieces, but with the right technology, it can make one area of your practice … Read More

Harnessing Technology To Improve Your Legal Billing

Do you dread billing? Does it feel like it takes up a lot of time or like you’re always scrambling to get invoices out? If so, you’re not alone – billing isn’t what most lawyers thought of when they signed up for law school. Even if you have someone who helps with your billing, it can still seem like there … Read More

Top 4 Accounting Challenges Facing Law Firms Today

Legal accounting has always been a challenge – but there are a few that top the list for lawyers today.  Accounting can be tough on a good day in any industry, but lawyers have some particularly unique factors to take into consideration. Not only is there the traditional business accounting aspect, like dealing with payroll, office purchases, profit and loss … Read More