CosmoLex is the #1 Alternative to Rocket Matter® + QuickBooks®

Rocket Matter is a cloud law practice management program popular in the US. Law firms on Rocket Matter require a separate accounting package, such as QuickBooks.

Using a separate billing and accounting system is problematic for law firms, and often leads to duplicate data entry and the error-prone, complex data sync between the programs. Maintaining bar association compliance with a general accounting program like QuickBooks is also challenging.

With our integrated legal practice management, billing, and accounting, CosmoLex Cloud is the best alternative to Rocket Matter. CosmoLex gives you everything you need, in one login, for one price, with no QuickBooks required.

Alternative to Rocket Matter®

Integrated Accounting - No QuickBooks Required.

CosmoLex Cloud has built-in trust and general accounting to eliminate the frustrations of using separate billing and accounting systems, such as:

  • Duplicate data entry. This is a time-consuming and error-prone process for lawyers, who can’t afford to waste the resources on it.
  • Poor Financial Reconciliations. Complex imports and exports that never seem to reconcile properly leave a lot of gaping holes and room for compliance violations in your books.
  • Added Cost. The cost of paying for multiple software subscriptions adds up quickly. And add to that the cost of the required training to get up and running with those systems.
  • Scattered Financial Data.With billing and accounting data scattered in different systems, you have no reliable way to get a comprehensive view of the productivity and profitability of staff, clients, or the firm as a whole.
Business Accounting

Built-in LawPay with No Fixed Monthly Fee

In CosmoLex, accepting credit card payments for retainers and invoice payments is simple and safe with built-in LawPay payment processing. And for qualified customers, you’ll pay no fixed monthly fee! LawPay is the most popular credit card processor for attorneys in North America and is recommended by most Bar Associations.

Compliant Trust Accounting

CosmoLex also gives you comprehensive, compliant trust accounting that keeps you audit-ready all the time. If you use QuickBooks for trust accounting, you need to be aware of critical challenges, such as:

  • QuickBooks allows client trust funds to be posted incorrectly to any account—even to rent or payroll.
  • No built-in protection against overdrafts or commingling.
  • Three-way reconciliation reports are not built-in. They need to be assembled manually from multiple reports, making reconciliations time-consuming and error-prone.
Trust Accounting
Client Financials

Compliant Client Financials

CosmoLex is designed for unique regulations pertaining to the practice of law—especially when it comes to the handling of money. Entering and tracking client-related financial transactions between Rocket Matter and QuickBooks is likely to result in struggles with actions like:

  • Accurately tracking client advances
  • Disbursement tracking, billing, and collections
  • Paying invoices from trust funds
  • Allocating payments to correct general ledger accounts

Comprehensive Financial Records

With one integrated billing, payments and accounting system, you’ll keep your finger on your firm’s financial pulse. A comprehensive set of billing, collection, payment, accounting, and staff productivity reports that are always up-to-date in real-time allows you to always know exactly where the money is coming from and where it’s going.
Financial Records

Top Reasons Why You Can Trust CosmoLex

No Long-term Contracts

Change happens—we get it. That’s why we don’t lock you into a long-term contract where you’re billed annually, so you can cancel your accounting software subscription at any time, for any reason, hassle-free. We don’t force our customers to sign a binding contract—instead, most law firms simply choose to use the best legal accounting software based on our innovative practice management features.

Simple, All-inclusive Pricing

Every client gets all of our state-of-the-art software features. As new features are added to our law firm software, you automatically gain access to them—with no additional fees per user.

Used By Thousands Of Firms

CosmoLex meets the practice management needs of law firms of all sizes and practice areas. No matter the size or shape of your law firm, CosmoLex can help you manage cash flow, simplify matter management, and make better business decisions.

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