Integrated Practice Management, Billing & Accounting

No more fiddling with multiple programs, duplicate data entries or failed imports

CosmoLex is a single application that combines the three systems law firms need: practice management, legal billing and accounting. Because they all exist within the same program there are no problematic imports or exports, no tedious reconciliations, and never a need to input case information or transaction data more than once. All three systems update and coordinate with each other in real time, automatically, and largely in the background.


Firm Level Dashboard

See Potential Problems, Set Your Priorities, Measure Your Progress

CosmoLex legal practice management software opens to a firm-level dashboard – giving you a real-time snapshot of what needs attention. You’ll spot tomorrow’s problems today & always know how work is progressing across your entire firm.



Legal Matter Management

Find What Matters

CosmoLex puts individual client legal matters at the center of your law practice management system. That means every email, task, event, document, billing records & transaction – every record – is automatically tied to its proper legal matter, giving you an up-to-date paper trail on every matter, every day.



Legal Time & Billing

Improve Cash Flow in a “Single-Click”

Legal billing, past-due notices, and low-retainer reminders for ALL clients are all delivered with a single mouse click. Clients can pay bills or retainers online. Did we say CosmoLex legal billing software makes billing & collection easy? — Really!


No Credit Card Required


Fully Integrated Business Accounting

Automatic & Accurate Legal Specific Business Accounting. No Need for Another Software!

CosmoLex’s legal business accounting system knows how to handle all the unique and intricate requirements that govern law firm bookkeeping. And because it is built-in as a fundamental component of the CosmoLex Cloud system, CosmoLex automatically and accurately takes care of your firm’s accounting in the background, as you perform your day-to-day practice management and billing activities.


Fully Integrated Trust Accounting

“Trust-Worthy” IOLTA Accounting Ends “Audit Anxiety”

Complete attorney trust accounting is built into CosmoLex software. This includes trust funds disbursements, check printing, bank & three-way reconciliation reports. CosmoLex helps you avoid compliance violations and keeps you “audit ready” at all times.


No Credit Card Required


Email Management

“Universal Email” Ties ALL Loose Ends

CosmoLex integrates in seconds with commonly used email tools such as Outlook, Gmail, etc. Then the magic starts. CosmoLex will auto-sort each email to its appropriate matter (including attachments!). This makes it much easier to bill for all the time spent reading, responding, and reacting to your email


No Credit Card Required


Calendar & Task Management

“Smart” Calendar Keeps Teamwork High & Taskwork on Track

The built-in legal calendar & task manager organizes your entire team and makes collaboration easy. You can even sync your firm’s CosmoLex legal calendar with everyone’s Google Calendar. Staff members and third-parties (like researchers) can continue to use their own Google calendars. And with CosmoLex rolling it all together, nothing falls through the cracks.


No Credit Card Required


Document Management

“Magic” Briefcase Keeps ALL Your Documents at Your Side

Wherever you go, all your legal documents are always with you – instantly available, safe, secure, & backed up. CosmoLex brings legal document management to the 21st century.



– CosmoLex connects with the tools you know and love –

Microsoft Office 365