Protect Client Privacy With Attorney Time And Billing Software

Confidentiality is one of the hallmarks of legal representation. Although attorney-client privilege generally refers to willful violation of confidentiality, law offices that fail to adequately protect client information may also find themselves in trouble. The stakes are even higher when lawyers deal with medical or financial information, as whole new sets of privacy laws come into play. It may surprise you to discover that cloud-based lawyer billing software helps you protect client information.

Outdated Technology Means Outdated Security

Do you think client files are safe in your office? Any thug with a crowbar might beg to differ. It doesn’t have to be anyone specifically after your client files. It could be someone randomly breaking into offices to steal easy-to-pawn electronics. Along the way they grab some of your files hoping they might have something useful like credit card numbers. The files get tossed in a dumpster, discovered by someone else, and suddenly private information is everywhere.

Desktop-based legal billing and accounting software is both better and worse. The average thief won’t be able to hack into your system, but anyone with a little computer knowledge can find ways to get at your information even if they have to physically open the computer and move the hard drives to another machine. However there is another answer.

Protect Your Clients With High Level Digital Security

CosmoLex billing software for lawyers stores your information in professionally managed facilities that are nearly impossible for hackers to break into. Communications are encrypted so nobody can eavesdrop on your transactions, and files are stored in SAS 70 compliant datacenters so they cannot be accessed.

How safe are your files? So safe that even we can’t look at them. Each of our subscribers has a discrete storage area that is isolated from those of other subscribers. The only way to get at that information is from your account, so only you and your authorized representatives have access. In the event your account security has been compromise, say by someone stealing a password, a quick phone call to us will change your password and lock down your account once again.

Read the security report prepared by Castle Ventures for objective proof that our legal practice management software system is designed to protect your client’s privacy.

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