The Way Your Firm Works Is Changing, The Solutions You Use Should Too

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The way the world works is changing. Chances are the way your firm works is changing with the rest of the world too. More and more employees are working remotely, working outside of traditional hours, and are looking for a way they can collaborate despite not being in the same location as their colleagues.

Luckily for law firms, legal technology, and practice management solutions have changed too. If you still aren’t convinced, here are three areas where solutions, such as CosmoLex, can help your firm keep up with the fast-paced speed of today’s legal industry.

Legal Calendaring and Task Management in The Cloud

Organization is key. Your legal calendar should be a smart calendar (connected to all of your tools) and a task manager. Modern systems will connect every entry to your firm’s correct client. The best part is, today’s legal software can be accessed on the go through cloud providers. This ensures that court dates and vital client meetings get entered as they are scheduled.

Utilize a solution that allows everyone on your team to stay on the same page because they can all view the same shared calendar. Beyond serving the needs of your team, shared calendars also afford your firm the ability to share key events with your clients — take a look at the CosmoLex Client Portal for more details. This ensures that not only all members of your firm are on top of the most important events, but your client is too, and it builds an extra layer of trust.

Cloud Business Accounting

The accounting component of any business is central to continued success. A legal-specific accounting solution, like CosmoLex, is able to take care of your law firm’s bookkeeping and accounting accurately and automatically, in the background and without you needing to lift a finger. Look for an integrated system that does not rely on syncs with a general accounting program like QuickBooksTM or XeroTM, this is the only way to guard against duplicate data entries or export/imports that come with using a separate general accounting package. Because CosmoLex is accessed via the cloud, the software is also updated on the go to meet all of the numerous accounting rules and regulations — eliminating the need to install and implement the latest versions of the software to remain compliant!

Legal Time & Billing In The Cloud

All too often, law firms fall victim to leakage based on time and expenses that go unrecorded. Cloud-based time and billing solutions give your firm the ability to track its time and expenses wherever, whenever they may be working on a legal matter. To go the extra mile, look for a timekeeping software that lets you flag future events as billable — alerting you when you may be in danger of losing money if the event is not invoiced properly.

In addition to tracking your time and events on the run, by moving your firm into the cloud, you give yourself the opportunity to take care of administrative tasks like sending invoices, bill reminders, and low retainer notifications to your clients when you’re out of the office. CosmoLex actually has functionality in place that allows your firm to bill clients with a single click, send automated reminders that bills are due, and send automated reminders when evergreen retainers’ balances are getting low.

Simplified Law Practice Management At Your Fingertips No Matter When or Where You Choose To Work

Today’s modern, practice management software is built to keep you efficient and compliant. Are you allowing your law firm to be stuck in its old ways or are you ready to make the change to more efficient and profitable practice? Our team has been working with attorneys for over a decade. We know how attorneys used to work and we know how much better their offices can be when they finally make the decision to transition to the cloud. Most importantly, we understand that the decision to make changes in your practice management is never an easy one. You have questions about moving to the cloud — guaranteed.

If you still have questions, we have answers. We want to hear from you. What areas of cloud technology do you have questions about? What are you excited about? What concerns you the most? Comment below and start a conversation or sign up for a free, personalized one-on-one Q& A session with one of our experts.


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