Tech Tip #26 – How does CosmoLex’s Online Invoice Payment Option Differ from Others?

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Online invoice payment is not only convenient for your clients but with the integration of LawPay within CosmoLex, receiving payment becomes a completely automatic and seamless process. With many programs, online payments simply mean receiving the payment online, but you still need to make the entry within your billing system. In the case of CosmoLex & LawPay, when a client clicks on the link we provide in your invoice template, they are taken directly to a payment screen with your branding and invoice amount. Once they submit the payment, your invoice within CosmoLex is AUTOMATICALLY updated with the payment, with literally no steps completed by you. Suddenly, your unpaid balance gets lower and lower without lifting a finger. How about that?

If you still need to set up your LawPay integration, those steps are here: Click Here

If you have already setup your LawPay integration but want to ensure you are setup for online invoice payment, see here: Click Here

and lastly if you just want to learn more about this integration and possibly get started, you can visit


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