Save Time On Check Printing With Default Settings

Check printing with CosmoLex is painless, but it can be even easier if you take the time to set up the system correctly. A minute spent tweaking your default settings in the law office billing program will save you time and headaches later.

Click on Setup, then on the Settings tab, and finally on Default Settings on the left side of the screen. Here you’ll find the most common default settings for CosmoLex. The second section contains the following fields for check printing:

Default Check Print – This defaults to “Computer Checks” so that CosmoLex can print your checks for you. If you are going to write checks by hand or with another program, change this to “Manual Checks”.

Default Check Style – CosmoLex supports both Standard checks (3 checks per page) and Voucher checks (check, your stub, recipient’s stub). Pick the style of checks your practice most commonly uses. You can print the other style at any time by selecting it from the check printing screen at the time you print checks.

Checks Print Add’l Info (Operating) – If you choose you can print the payee’s full address when you print checks from your practice’s operating account.

Checks Print Add’l Info (Trust) – When you print trust checks you can choose to include client/matter information, the client’s full address, or both the address and matter information.

Checks Print Sub-Account Location – Some banks have specialized trust accounts that allow you to create sub-accounts for each matter, making it easy to keep funds separate in your trust accounting system without the complication and expense of separate accounts. If your bank does this, choose which of two places on the check where you want see the sub-account number.

Checks Print Memo2 on Stub2 – The Memo2 field on transactions is usually reserved only for internal notes. If you select “Yes” here, and you use Voucher checks, then the Memo2 field will be printed on the second stub, which is the stub your practice will keep.

Even if your law office doesn’t generate much paper, you probably still have check printing needs from time to time. CosmoLex’s integrated check printing feature ensures that your checks are accurate, and that the disbursement is correctly recorded in your ledger.

If you’re not using CosmoLex cloud-based billing software for attorneys then you should give it a try. Try CosmoLex free with no obligation and no credit card needed. You’ll wonder how you ever ran your law practice without it.

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