Paperless Time And Billing Software For Lawyers Saves More Than Just Trees

Your law office is probably far less dependent on paper records than a practice would have been twenty or even ten years ago. Some attorneys, and not just the older ones, are resistant to let go of paper records and convert to attorney time and billing software. There is something visceral and comforting about holding a paper record in your hand. However there are a tremendous number of advantages to moving to electronic records.

Cost – All those paper documents are surprisingly expensive. You are paying for the paper, the toner to print them, the photocopy machine to duplicate them, the space to store them, the postage and envelope to mail them, and more. Electronic invoices cost effectively nothing to create and store and, though you still need to print them to mail, you don’t need to print and store copies for your own records.

Portability – A client asks you about a billing issue but you aren’t at the office. Using cloud-based legal billing and accounting software you can look up the client’s records and answer any questions without having to head back to your desk and flip through paper files.

Speed – How fast can you find a particular invoice? No matter how carefully paper files are stored, it still takes time to go through them all. Search CosmoLex and pull up all invoices associated with a matter instantly. See at a glance the financial status of each matter and therefore of your firm.

Security – Your practice’s financial information is actually safer in lawyer billing software than it is in your own office. Layers of the best digital security protect your records from unauthorized intrusion, making it easy for you to protect your firm’s sensitive information.

Environment – Let’s not forget the most frequently cited benefit of going paperless: the environment. Save a tree. Reduce greenhouse emissions. Generate more breathable air. Shrink our landfills. You probably never knew that simply not printing an electronic document could go so far to save the planet.

These are just a few ways that going paperless with CosmoLex helps improve your practice. As we add more features to our law practice management software, the advantages will only become greater. What are you waiting for? Sign up for CosmoLex now and take a step into the future.

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