The Importance Of Branding To A Law Firm

Attorneys need to reach new clients, yet many are reluctant to engage in overt advertisements. If you depend on word of mouth referrals like many firms do, then it is essential that you project a professional image. The invoices produced by CosmoLex billing software for lawyers help you maintain that image.

History Of Legal Advertising

In 1908 the American Bar Association stated that advertising was unprofessional and prohibited the practice among their members. As the Chicago Bar Association put it, “The most worthy and effective advertisement possible…is the establishment of a well-merited reputation for professional capacity and fidelity to trust.”

After the ban was lifted by a Supreme Court decision in 1977, there wasn’t a rush to spread lawyer ads everywhere. Instead both the public and the legal industry still viewed outright promotion as distasteful. Even now many firms look down on outright promotion and depend on word of mouth referrals to reach new clients.

CosmoLex Can Help

Creating a professional and trustworthy image means paying attention to details from how you dress to how you speak with a client to how you research a case. Every contact with a client is a chance to reinforce this image. One bad encounter can erase weeks or months of professional behavior, and yet many firms don’t consider how their invoices make the firm look.

Your invoice is as much as a reflection of your image as your office or your business card. Sloppy or confusing invoices send the message you are disorganized. Generic invoices copied from a template make you look unimaginative. Every invoice should be stamped with your practice’s identity.

CosmoLex legal office management software produces uncluttered, professional invoices that present the kind of image you want to show. However you aren’t locked into our identity. Invoices can be customized to include your practice’s logo or other personalizing information. Stamp your own identity on every piece of correspondence, while still maintaining a sophisticated persona. Every invoice becomes a mini advertisement for your firm.

Professional invoices don’t just act as a promotional tool. Clean, well-organized statements are more likely to get paid than confusing ones. You not only leave clients with a positive image but you also improve your firm’s cash flow.

Try CosmoLex legal billing software and experiment with the billing and other features yourself. Use it without cost or obligation. Sign up now and you can get a 15% discount on CosmoLex subscription costs as long as you remain a member.

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