Build A Mobile Office And Work From Anywhere

Wouldn’t you love to practice law while sitting on a beach and sipping a tropical drink? Well that’s probably not going to happen. However with a mobile office you can work from home, a coffee shop, the courthouse…and yes, maybe occasionally while sitting under an umbrella watching the waves crash against the shore, as long as you can get a Wi-Fi connection. Tools like CosmoLex cloud-based time and billing software are part of the process.

Start With The Right Technology

If you work from a traditional office you don’t just lease a space and start working. You need to buy a desk and a computer and a photocopier and a fax machine and a coffee machine — especially the coffee machine! You have to deploy the right technology, whether it’s an office chair or a desk lamp, to create a productive work environment.

A virtual office requires the same attention, but your “furnishings” are going to be cloud-based apps such as CosmoLex law firm management software. Cloud-based tools can be accessed from traditional desktop computers but also from more mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and even smartphones. We can provide the billing software but you’ll also need document management, conferencing and other tools. We’ll cover those in a future blog entry.

Training & Procedures

Technology might be intuitive but that doesn’t mean you can skip training. If you work as a true solo attorney then you’ll have to train yourself, but you probably work with other people even if it’s just a paralegal who helps out part-time or an outside bookkeeper who makes sure your accounts are up to date. Everyone involved will need to be trained on the software so they can do their jobs effectively.

You’ll also need procedures in place, and this is even more important in a virtual office than a traditional one. Someone can’t just pop in and ask who is sending out the invoices this month, or which bank account you put a client’s retainer in. Written policies and procedures ensure everyone knows the proper roles of each person in the firm, and knows what duties are expected.

Sign up for CosmoLex and take the first step to virtualizing your office. The transition isn’t going to happen overnight, but once you start you’ll be surprised how much easier it is to keep your billing current while out of the office. Try CosmoLex billing software for lawyers free and discover the freedom of cloud-based legal software

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